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Definition and Purpose of Driveways
– Private road for local access to structures
– Owned and maintained by individuals or groups
– Rarely have traffic lights
– Designed and decorated differently from public roads
– Not resurfaced, cleared of snow, or maintained by governments

Materials Used for Driveways
– Decorative brick
– Cobblestone
– Block paving
– Asphalt

Uses of Driveways
– Paths to garages, carports, or houses
– Access road to the house on large estates
– Serve multiple homeowners in some cases
– Small apron of pavement in front of a garage
– Parking cars to leave streets clear for traffic

Regulations and Restrictions
– Prohibition of parking on residential lawn areas
– Time restrictions on leaving vehicles on residential streets
– Local regulations on parking and standing of vehicles
– Specific restrictions in certain cities or areas
– Necessity of using driveways for compliance with regulations

Additional Information
– Residential driveways used for garage sales, car washing, repair, and recreation
– Related terms: access management, pavement, parkway
– References: Oxford Dictionaries, Township of Barnegat, Parking Enforcement & Restrictions, Transportation Division of Berkeley, CA
– Oversize load considerations for driveways

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