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– Types of slurries:
– Cement slurry used in petroleum and other industries
Soil/cement slurry also known as Controlled Low-Strength Material (CLSM)
– Gel explosive mixture of thickening agent, oxidizers, and water
– Pyroclastic material and water mixture produced in volcanic eruptions (lahar)
– Bentonite and water mixture for slurry walls

– Industrial uses of slurries:
– Coal slurry made of coal waste or crushed coal and water
– Slip, a clay and water mixture for ceramics and pottery
– Slurry oil, a high boiling fraction in oil refineries
– Slurry ice, a mix of ice crystals and freezing point depressant
– Raw materials and water mixture for Portland cement manufacture

– Agricultural and food-related slurries:
– Manure slurry made of animal waste and organic matter
– Meat slurry of finely ground meat and water used as food ingredient
Wood pulp and water mixture for making paper
– Chewed food and saliva bolus
– Epoxy glue and glass microspheres mixture for composite airframes

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– External links for further information:
– Wikimedia Commons media related to Slurry
– Definition of “slurry” in Wiktionary
– Research on hydraulic transport of solids in suspension
– Experimental studies on hydraulic transport in pipes
– Laboratory investigation on flow resistance of coarse gravel

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