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**Landfill Operations:**
Waste confined to a small area.
– Waste compacted to reduce volume.
– Daily cover with soil or other materials.
– Waste collection vehicles weighed on arrival.
– Compaction and spreading by compactors or bulldozers.

**Sanitary Landfill Life Cycle:**
– Engineered facilities for waste confinement.
– Bioreactors where microbes break down waste.
– Aerobic and anaerobic degradation stages.
– Includes phases: initial adjustment, transition, acid formation, methane fermentation, and final maturation.

**Environmental Impact:**
Infrastructure disruption and pollution.
– Pollution of local environment, groundwater, aquifers, and soil.
– Formation of leachate and decomposition gases.
– Attraction of vectors like rats and flies.

**Leachate Management:**
– Formation from water percolating through garbage.
– Use of impermeable liners and collection systems.
– Monitoring for leaks and prevention of groundwater pollution.
– Sealing off sites to prevent new leachate formation.

**Decomposition Gases and Vectors:**
– Production of CO2 and CH4 from organic waste.
– Seepage of gases into air and soil.
– Attraction of rats and flies.
– Mitigation through daily cover and proper management.

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