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**1. Types of Warranties:**

– **Express Warranty:**
– Seller guarantees product qualities to the buyer.
– Statement about the product influences the buyer’s decision.
– Buyer can file breach of warranty if the statement misrepresents the product.
– Explicitly stated, often in writing.
– Existence depends on the seller’s statements.

– **Implied Warranty:**
– Arises from the nature of the transaction.
– Based on buyer’s understanding, not seller’s representations.
– Unwritten promises inherent in the transaction.
– Varies based on jurisdiction.

– **Sale of Goods:**
– New goods come with implied warranty of conformity.
– Used products may be sold without warranties.
– Each country defines its own implied conditions.
– Parameters differ for new and used goods.

**2. Warranty Laws and Regulations:**

– **United States:**
– Uniform Commercial Code provisions apply.
– Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act enhances warranties on consumer goods.
– Statutory warranties mandatory for new home construction in some states.
– Lemon laws protect consumers in case of vehicle defects.
– Implied warranties cannot be disclaimed if an express warranty exists.

**3. Warranty Coverage and Types:**

– **Defects In Materials and Workmanship:**
– Ensures the product is free from defects.
– Promises proper construction and material usage.
– Time-limited warranties restrict claim timeframe.

– **Satisfaction Guarantee:**
– Enforced by the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act in the U.S.
– Advertiser must refund full purchase price regardless of dissatisfaction.

– **Lifetime Warranty:**
– Covers defects with no time limit for claims.
– Duration determined by custom and usage.

**4. Warranty Limitations and Breach:**

– **Limited Warranty:**
– May be limited in duration and/or scope.
– Scope limitations may lead to cancellation and reimbursement.
– Claims of negligence and misrepresentation may be denied.

– **Breach of Warranty:**
– Warranties are breached when promises are not fulfilled.
– Seller may honor warranty with refund or replacement.

**5. Specific Product Warranties:**

– **Appliance Warranty:**
– Written warranties cover parts and labor for repairs.
– Coverage often lasts up to a year after purchase.
Water heater warranties range from 5 to 12 years.

– **Car Warranty:**
– New car factory warranties range from 1 to 10 years.
– Used car warranties are typically 3 months and 3,000 miles.
– UK classifies warranties as original manufacturer, insurance, or obligor.

– **Home Warranty:**
– Protects against home and appliance repair costs.
– Covers different types of homes and new construction.
– Service technicians repair or replace covered items.

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