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Concrete slab

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Thermal Performance of Concrete Slabs:
– Concrete slabs require consideration of thermal properties for energy efficiency.
– Concrete has high thermal mass and good heat conductivity.
– Thermal conductivity is influenced by density, aggregate type, cement type, and temperature.
– Insulation is essential to reduce extraneous energy transfer in concrete slabs.
– High thermal mass can be advantageous in regulating building temperature in certain climates.

Construction and Design Considerations:
– Ground-bearing slabs are economical for ground floors in domestic and some commercial buildings.
– Levelling the site before pouring concrete is crucial to avoid uneven curing.
– Various methods of filling include controlled fill and rolled fill.
– Design considerations for ground-bearing slabs depend on soil type and slope.
– Concrete piers can support areas of the slab on sloped ground to avoid structural issues.

Types and Support Systems of Concrete Slabs:
– Shallow foundation, hollow-core slab, beam and block, and voided biaxial slab are common types.
– Unreinforced slabs like plain and mud slabs are supported by concrete strength.
– One-way and two-way slabs differ in reinforcement requirements and design considerations.
– Suspended slabs like corrugated, ribbed, and waffle slabs offer varying strength and design benefits.

Construction Methods and Materials:
– Concrete slabs may be prefabricated or constructed on-site using formwork.
– Prefabricated slabs can be pre-stressed, post-stressed, or unstressed.
– On-site construction involves positioning rebars before pouring concrete.
– Formwork materials include wood, plastic, or steel, with temporary or permanent options.
– Plastic-tipped metal or plastic bar chairs are used for reinforcement.

Additional Resources and Information:
– Resources cover topics like ribbed and waffle slabs, concrete curing practices, and sustainability through thermal mass.
– Guides on design, construction, and reinforcement for concrete slabs are available.
– Information on rib and block slabs, polystyrene concrete slabs, and concrete basics is provided.
– Understanding rupture depth of unreinforced concrete slabs and formwork for temporary structures is essential for construction projects.

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