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Cubic foot

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– Conversions:
– CCF or HCF: 100 cubic feet
– MCF: 1000 cubic feet
– MMCF: 1,000,000 cubic feet
– MMCFD: 1,000,000 cubic feet per day
– BCF or TMC: 1,000,000,000 cubic feet

Cubic foot per second and related flow rates:
– IEEE symbol for cubic foot per second: ft³/s
– Other abbreviations: /sec, cuft/s, cfs or CFS, cusec, second-feet
– Commonly used for river discharge measurement
– Cusec is a flow rate unit in the US for water flow
– Conversions: 1ft³ = 0.0283168m³

– Cubic foot per minute:
– IEEE symbol for cubic foot per minute: ft³/min
– Abbreviations used: cuft/min, cufm, cfm or CFM, cfpm or CFPM
– Measures air delivery in carburetors and air-compressor systems
– Common metric for pneumatic tools

– Standard cubic foot:
– Measure of gas quantity defined at standard temperature and pressure
– Abbreviated as scf
– Defined at 60°F and 14.7 PSI
– Used in various industries for gas quantity measurement
– Related to Standard Cubic Foot per Minute

– Standard Cubic Foot per Minute:
– Related to Standard Cubic Foot
– Measurement of gas flow rate at standard conditions
– Abbreviated as scfm
– Commonly used in gas industry
– Helps in standardizing gas flow measurements

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